Welcome Home Babydoll

by Dead Dick Hammer

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Debut extended E.P. from Dead Dick Hammer


released 01 January 2011



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Track Name: 10.30.57
fuck you,im dead, hows that for lyrics?
Track Name: ElCumino
aint got no backseats baby but maybe we can go for a ride,
i got some duct tape darlin so dont you put up no fight
and nobody needs to no just where the hell we goin,aw no no no
i got some news for ya woman im a hard man to resist
cause im a drawn out sawn out strung out son of a bitch
there be no take it slow, there aint no going home, let them good times roll,,,,elcumino
Track Name: Welcome Home Babydoll
i think i love you better when you aint breathing,
Track Name: She Likes it Ruff (my baby do)
well the ol gal kept on backin into it i guess she couldnt get enough
my baby just like an ol junkyard dog, my baby she likes it ruff

the bitch been struttin since a quarter to 10 now its a quarter to 4
the county went dry round 2 o'clock but shes still hangin outside my door
good lord knows and theres a devil to pay have mercy oh man alive
cause shes picked up a fire and she needs a hose and im the only one to satisfy

jump down turn around take it slow what are ya waitin for come on baby come on now,,,,,come on and show me ya love

ol gal kept on backin into it well i guess she couldnt get enough
my baby just like and ol junkyard dog my baby she likes it ruff
Track Name: Sweet Connie
sweet sweet connie's across town
se sweet connie, shes going down
listen up close and sit right there im gonna tell ya about a woman who aint got no cares shes been struttin that thang at the five and dime butt ass naked lookin so damn fine

sweet sweet connie aint no denying
sweet lil baby you bouts to be mine
im boutsa give her something that she aint gonna like when im creepin up behind her in the middle of the night no she aint gonna strut that mutt anymore when i stab her in the back and drag her cross the floor

hey lil momma no need to run
cuzz sweet sweet connie it all in fun
if i catch up to ya,ya best beware and i hope that your wearin some clean underware cuzz im gonna give it to ya dont you throw no fit, hold still i need to shake the love outta it

see sweet connie dressed in red
bang sweet connie ya dead
cause i just cant stand to have ya not in my life, i want to take ya back home and make you my wife and ill love you forever or so ill try go on baby kiss this world,,,,, goodbye
Track Name: Creep'r Creep'n
come over hear to window and watch me jackin it babydoll
Track Name: Girl, I Hit You (but I will cut you up!)
girl i wont hit you
but i will cut you up
and baby i aint gonna miss you
cuzz i will be diggin you up
Track Name: Black & Blue
listen up now honey im a straight shootin son of a gun
if you see me coming better turn your ass around and run
dont you pick no fight or i just might have to end your world
go on and hit me like a women please dont hit me like no lil girl

big lipped lucy was a flussy that i met down at the flyin J
and if you ask her nicely you can see just how she got her name"
i got a blister from her hair lipped sister lucy gave me no lip
lucy kept it juicy cuzz she knows im shootin straight from the hip

go on and beat me black and blue, would you?

damn right im steppin out,,,of my mind and my britches